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A warm welcome to ZirMed clients and staff

A warm welcome to ZirMed clients and staff

We’ve kicked off a deeper relationship with ZirMed Inc. that brings us a wonderful new group of clients, talented staff and powerful technology. We welcome you to the Koan Health family!

On May 1, we completed the purchase of ZirMed’s value-based care analytics business. At the core of the purchase is an analytics platform that aggregates clinical and financial data from electronic health records and insurance claims to deliver real-time quality tracking, identify gaps in care, stratify at-risk patients, and provide deep cost and utilization analyses.

The acquisition greatly expands our core capabilities in clinical data integration, quality analytics and quality measure management.

Since our launch in 2012, our goal has been to bring you the insights you need to serve patients better and improve overall results. With this new acquisition and relationship, we’re making an exponential leap in our ability to support smart care management and drive high-value performance.

We’re also becoming ZirMed’s preferred partner for value-based care services and are very excited about the opportunities for growth and complementary services our new relationship represents. As Tom Butts, ZirMed chairman and chief executive officer, shared in our announcement: “We look forward to working together closely to help our clients succeed in a pay-for-value world.”

To learn more about how we can help your organization meet the demands of accountable care, call or email us today.