Solutions Overview

Fast, powerful and intuitive, Koan solutions are revolutionizing the analytics of value-based care.

Koan Datalyst for populations and episodes gives you the insight to improve financial performance under today’s value-based relationships. Our custom analytics meet the unique needs of innovative provider-payer collaborations. You’ll hit your targets and increase your revenues.

Usable data that’s fast and powerful

Koan Health works with the information sources you have now—so you can take action to manage cost and boost market share now. Population health management solutions that attempt to draw data from electronic medical records are great on paper—but the extensive, expensive customization to make them work can cost a lot and deliver little.

Our proprietary approaches wring every drop of valuable insight from available data sources. Quickly and affordably, we deliver the key information you need to understand and maximize financial performance under value-based contracts.

With Koan solutions, we deliver meaningful information without the cost or implementation time of a full-blown clinical system. But if you have clinical data from EMR and other sources, we can integrate it easily for even richer information outputs.


The differences that set us apart

EXPERTISE Our software engineers understand your goals and can make suggestions and address questions without lots of meetings.

PROCESSING POWER Our team has decades of experience building payment systems. We know that the output has to be consistent and reliable.

STRONG SECURITY, REPORTING AND AUDIT TRAIL Other analytics companies take days or weeks to process data. We have the in-house horsepower and capabilities to turn your data around in hours.

PROCESSING POWER We can scale up processing power to meet the needs of the situation—and you always pay only for the capacity you use.