Datalyst | Episode

Enabling efficiency in high-cost, high-volume bundled-payment programs

As payers zero in on episodes where inefficient, uncoordinated care drives up costs and compromises outcomes, Koan Datalyst | Episode arms you for success.

Unknotting the challenge of bundled payment

Government and commercial payers are determined to improve performance in areas where costs are indefensibly high and outcomes inconsistent. Bundled payments for episodes like congestive heart failure, stroke, major joint replacement and pneumonia are driving providers to coordinate care, eliminate unnecessary variation and improve results.

We’ve designed Datalyst | Episode for bundled payment programs like Medicare’s Bundled Payment for Care Improvement, Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement and other government and commercial initiatives.

An action-oriented focus on complex, multicomponent care

Powerful and easy to master, Datalyst|Episode gives you a 360°-view of critical components in targeted episodes of care. You have the detail you need to manage costs, identify and motivate provider outliers and hit performance targets.


Performance Benchmarking

Datalyst | Episode lets you track the performance of your episodes over time. You can filter episodes by provider initiator, time frame, completion and type to zero in on the activity you’re interested in.

Strategic Intervention

How would lowering readmissions by 50 percent affect your overall performance? Datalyst | Episode lets you perform detailed analyses and explore what-if scenarios. You’ll get a clear picture of the financial impact of your performance improvement strategies—even before you implement them.

Network Performance

Datalyst | Episode gives you quick insights into which physicians are generating the most effective outcomes for less. You’ll be able to better understand provider activity and strengthen your preferred network.