Plan Administration

Market directly to employers and consultants through the powerful Koan Platform

Koan Health offers a fully-managed path to transition your organization from today’s value-based care contracts to tomorrow’s direct reimbursement models.

We perform the heavy lifting needed to implement a Direct Primary Care reimbursement model.

Once contracts have been developed, the plan administration module enables providers to build their plan offerings and market directly to employers and consultants.  Providers build primary care, specialty care or bundled payment services they have either negotiated with an employer or would like to directly market to consultants, employers and individuals in their geography.

Once contracted, members come onto the platform and choose providers, services and pricing.  The powerful financial backend of the system handles the collection and distribution of payment between employer and provider. It has the ability to take lump sum payments and disburse either to a central entity or amongst a diverse provider population based on client’s requirements.   Full reconciliation and reporting delivered.

Comprehensive plan administration

Set up and manage multiple plans that include membership levels, fees, wellness programs, diagnostic services, urgent care availability, and more.

Powerful network dashboard

Manage your provider network, including adding new clinics and physicians, reviewing the patient census, charting gross revenue per clinic, and more.

Convenient dashboard for members

Offer easy online access for patients to make payments, update their billing and profile, search for physicians, review their benefits, and more.