Population health management is the heart of accountable care—and Koan Clinical Management gives you the knowledge you need to deliver performance and grow market share.

With you as the bar goes higher

Accountable care organizations are on the financial hook for improving the health of populations. The measures of success are complex and getting tougher as the performance levels demanded for payment rise.

It soon won’t be enough to beat your own best performance—you must outperform your regional median too.

We’ve engineered Koan Clinical Management for accountable care programs like Medicare Shared Savings, commercial contracts, health plans, and employee health — any situation where you need to monitor and manage the total cost of care for a population.

Delivering the insights population health demands

Intuitive and easy to use, Koan Clinical Management gives you the knowledge to understand and change performance. In a matter of hours, your team can gain a comprehensive view of your population and financial situation — and drill down easily to patient and claim-line levels of detail

  • Detailed analyses of cost, care utilization and quality by patient and provider
  • Extensive list of risk factors for easy risk stratification and predictive modeling
  • Detailed provider profiling to track and support best practices and manage your overall improvement program
  • Network leakage analysis that shows you the services and patients leaving your network
  • Patient profiles that let you view claims, risk scores and basic demographic data for each member of the population
  • Quality measures that pinpoint who’s compliant—and who isn’t
  • Visit-grouping tool that lets you combine claim services into episodes for a more holistic view of patient events
  • Easy CSV exports that let you save, share and integrate data with colleagues and systems
  • Automatic storage of claims data, saved searches and reports
  • Automatic report updates for easy month-to-month tracking of patient cohorts


You can view, manipulate and filter data in almost any way imaginable. Easy CSV exports let you integrate data with other systems, save and share with colleagues.


Now you can see exactly which dollars, services and patients are going outside of your network—and it ’s easy to zero in on leakage by specific providers and services. This is just one of the powerful tools we’ve built to turn data into insight.


This convenient screen houses all of your saved searches and reports. The system updates your saved reports automatically every time you upload new data.