Few value-based programs are as standardized as Medicare’s flagship initiatives. Koan Custom Analytics fuels payer-provider collaboration with solutions that meet your exact needs.

Fast, flexible, responsive

Value-based reimbursement efforts come in a thousand shapes and sizes. As provider and payers collaborate, innovate and create, Koan Health is a trusted partner. Our custom analytics will help you set the stage, shape the conversation and guide the results.

During the last year, we’ve:

  • Supported CJR or BPCI engagements, focusing on post-acute management
  • Modeled chronic episodes to support a provider contracting strategy
  • Measured the value created by a narrow provider network
  • Supported a large healthcare system with direct employer contracting
  • Developed and maintained national and regional benchmarks for select chronic episodes
  • Estimated provider impact to support a company’s sales process
  • Compared provider performance for evaluation and training
  • Developed a client reporting system for a national provider group
  • Developed an observed-to-expected episode cost ratio adjusted for age, gender, diagnosis and surgery

Taking a different approach

MORE RELIABLE MEASURES OF CLINICAL IMPACT Generalized case mix adjustment isn’t specific enough to create reliable tests of the impact of clinical interventions. We develop statistically robust comparisons with case-mix adjustment based on age, gender and diagnosis to isolate the impact of a specific intervention.

PREDICTIVE MODELING Our sophisticated predictive modeling techniques help you target patients based on their current risks and probably behaviors. In recent projects, we’ve used predictive modeling to identify a cohort of patients that’s increasing in clinical risk and have characteristics and risk markers where clinicians can mitigate that risk. For a large ACO, we also identified members with the highest probability of becoming non-attributed.

MODELING TOOLS We deliver analytical results you can act on immediately—but we also give you powerful, flexible modeling tools you can use to respond directly to questions and explore various scenarios with the data.

SCALABLE, REPEATABLE PROCESSES Because we build our tools with the end in mind, we can quickly move into a larger-scale production environment when the need arises.