Datalyst is the industry’s most intuitive analytics platform combining cost, utilization and quality data across the enterprise. Tapping the power of big data, we provide unmatched visibility into your ACO operations for meaningful advances in performance improvement and personalized patient intervention.

The Koan Platform combines multiple technologies ensuring data accuracy and ease of use:

  • Backed by Experience. Developed by the team that transformed healthcare revenue cycle with technology that was best in KLAS for five consecutive years.
  • Strategic partner. We work as an extension of your team to fill in resource gaps and develop a data-backed strategy.
  • Transparent. Our process is completely transparent – no black boxes and no guessing about the results you receive.
  • Flexible. Datalyst makes it easy to customize analytics to your specific needs and integrate data into other business intelligence tools and databases, including customizable patient and provider attribution.
  • Fast and secure. We do all development and processing in house – eliminating security concerns about transferring files and accelerating data delivery.

Working with Koan, you will be able to:

  • Optimize network usage. Know how patients are using your network and evaluate network providers to drive performance and provide better patient outcomes.
  • Manage population churn. Gain insight into who’s likely to leave your population through a detailed analysis of population turnover and patient utilization.
  • Evaluate episodes of care. Combine claim services into episodes for a more holistic view of patient events.
  • Manage risk. Prioritize and measure your population on a number of risk factors including HCC and predictive risk scores.
  • Project contract performance. Visualize how you are tracking against benchmarks and where you are predicted to land at the end of your contract period.
  • Facilitate payer submissions. Easy to use solution for GPRO submission as well as capabilities for submission of supplemental payer files to show gap closures beyond the claim data.
  • Track real time performance. With nightly processing, closely track performance by contract and provider and catch potential issues for quick intervention.
  • Close care gaps. Track quality measure gaps by provider to drive closure and compliance in your populations.
  • Prioritize population. Use a number of predictive risk factors, utilization metrics and population demographics to prioritize patient outreach activity and improve overall patient management.
  • Profile and measure providers. Track and support best practices and manage your improvement initiatives.
“The Koan Health team has been a very strong and collaborative business partner. ”

Vice President of Business Development and Operations Employee Health

“Your team has been very responsive and service has exceeded expectations. ”

From CEO of statewide clinically integrated network on implementation progress
“We needed workable, usable data fast – and Koan delivered. Less than 60 days after contract signing.”

Vice President of Managed Care and Business Development

“The Koan GPRO tool played a crucial role in the completion of 2018 MIPS reporting for our two ACOs. With over 4,000 cases requiring manual chart abstraction, the portal was an efficient and user-friendly tool for our team of 20 abstractors. The Excel export from the tool directly corresponded with the CMS web interface which led to not only a seamless submission, but also bonus points in the quality category for end-to-end reporting. We look forward to using the tool again during the next MIPS reporting period!“

ACO Program Manager