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We started Koan Health to make a difference in healthcare – to make it more personalized, more connected, and more cost-effective.

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Bring your data together

One of the most difficult challenges in healthcare today is getting all your population's health data in one place. Datalyst™ was built from the ground up to easily accept data from all your clinical, claims, and third-party sources.

360° patient view

Linked and merged patient records across systems are displayed for one unified view with our Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI).

Provider attribution

Map providers to members based on your ACOs preference with provider rosters and payer or custom provider assignment methodology.


Fill in the blanks

Once your data is cleaned and aggregated, it's run through our "grouper engine," as well as the Johns Hopkins ACG® software, to provide enhanced risk factors, disease classification criteria, social needs markers, and scores for improved patient management.

Visit groupers and claims classifiers
Disease classification and risk stratification
Medication management data

Validate for accuracy

The data in each file goes through a 3-step validation process before it's made available in the platform.

Koan Health data team confirms files are processed correctly
Account Executive compares data to book of business reports
Client team reviews data for final approval

Most trusted name in healthcare analytics

We dedicated our first five years to developing a proprietary platform, enabling us to offer the most reliable data quality solution on the market.

Backed by experience

Developed by the team that transformed healthcare revenue cycle and analytics with #1 in KLAS® technology for five years.

Integrated support

We do the heavy lifting for data integration and optimization to ensure you're set up for value-based care success.


We're constantly incorporating feedback from our clients and looking for new ways to improve your experience.

Nightly processing

Your data is updated and refreshed every night, giving you the most up-to-date information to make decisions.


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