Data management

See how the Datalyst™ platform manages your data

We are committed to providing data transparency and accuracy so you are confident to take action on the opportunities identified.


Bring your data together

One of the most difficult challenges in healthcare today is getting all your population's health data in one place. Datalyst™ was built from the ground up to make data collection easy - accepting data from all your clinical, claims, and third-party sources.

360° patient view

Linked and merged patient records across systems are displayed for one unified view with our Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI).

Provider attribution

Map providers to members based on your ACOs preference with provider rosters and payer or custom provider assignment methodology.


Categorize your data

Once your data is cleaned and aggregated, it's run through our "grouper engine," as well as the Johns Hopkins ACG® software, to provide enhanced risk factors, disease classification criteria, social needs markers, and scores for improved patient management.

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Visit groupers and claims classifiers
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Disease classification and risk stratification
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Medication management data

Validate for accuracy

The data in each file goes through a 3-step validation process before it's made available in the platform.

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Koan Health data team confirms files are processed correctly
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Account Executive compares data to book of business reports
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Client team reviews data for final approval
A diagram demonstrating how Koan Health transforms your data from source files to Datalyst analytics.

Most trusted name in healthcare analytics

We dedicated our first five years to developing a proprietary platform, enabling us to offer the most reliable data quality solution on the market.

Backed by experience

Built on 30+ years of expertise with healthcare claims analytics. We built Datalyst ourselves - line of code by line of code - to the most stringent analytical standards so you can rely on what your data tells you.

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Integrated support

We do the heavy lifting for data integration and optimization to ensure you're set up for value-based care success.

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We're constantly incorporating feedback from our clients and looking for new ways to improve your experience.

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Quality of care insights

We provide data for your care management tool to leverage our insights to empower your care management team to drive meaningful improvements in patient quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of data can we import into Datalyst™?

At Koan Health, we strive to use virtually any available and relevant data source to help a client manage a population effectively. Datalyst™ supports all contemporary standard data sources such as 837i, 837p, claim flat files (medical pharmacy and eligibility), provider rosters, HL7 labs, QRDA-I and standard EMR data formats. Datalyst™ supports many "non-standard" data formats, including ADT and consumer data feeds. We are happy to work with you and your data source provider to determine how any non-standard or unstructured data can be used within our platform.

How can I trust that all my data is accurate?

In addition to the extensive validation process we perform on all your data, Datalyst™ leverages the nationally recognized John Hopkins ACG® system to bring additional details, insights, scores, benchmarks, and confidence to your data.

We provide complete data transparency from import to computation, so users know the origin of the data and where and how the results were derived. If there is uncertainty, users can quickly and easily view the data lineage for more information and certainty.

What is Koan's experience in value-based care?

Koan Health's leadership team has been in the healthcare financial and data analytics software and service space since the early 1990s.

Our Development and Account Executive teams have worked in the value-based care space since the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010.

We leverage our team's deep analytics, revenue cycle, and value-based care experience to help each client achieve the highest success and get the most out of our relationship.

How does Koan charge for Datalyst™?

The Datalyst™ platform is a pure SaaS (Software as a Service) offering. While many factors affect the price of Datalyst™, the main variables include the following:

  • Number of attributed lives
  • Number of ACO contracts
  • Number and type of data sources

We generally conform to the industry standard of a PMPM (per member per month) pricing structure. Contact us for more details.

What if I need help interpreting my data?

Each client has a dedicated team of Account Executives to provide support during implementation and throughout our partnership. Our clients commonly state that they view their Account Executive as an extension of their organization; if you need assistance requesting or interpreting your data or reports, we are here to help. Weekly support meetings between your Account Executive and your team ensure your questions are answered, and your data needs are quickly addressed. Visit our Services page for more details.

Can I have custom reports created?

We designed Datalyst™ to be highly flexible, allowing reports to be aggregated across multiple levels and variables. Whether you need a report by medical group, region, provider, member cohort, or a combination of factors, Datalyst™ can quickly meet your needs.

In the rare case that you cannot generate a specific report within Datalyst™, your Account Executive will work with you to create the needed version and add it to your report library, so you can run it as needed moving forward.