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August 21, 2023
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The Koan Health Client Experience

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If you are one of the many Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) frustrated with your population health vendor for any of a variety of reasons – high costs, unreliable or inaccurate data, “black box” calculations, endless nickel and diming, poor service, etc. – consider the refreshing experience Koan Health’s clients have as they continue to improve outcomes and reduce costs.  

Southern New England Health (SoNE HEALTH) made the strategic decision to recently switch platforms. Their ongoing experience has been fantastic in a dynamic environment of competing priorities and a need for immediate data-driven answers.

Lisa Trumble, SoNE HEALTH’s CEO stated that “having worked with many vendors, it was refreshing to find a partner whose actions were consistent with how I felt a partner should perform.” (Learn more about SoNE HEALTH’s decision to partner with Koan Health.)

How should a partner perform? Let’s look at a recent request from a Koan Health client.

On a Wednesday, one of our clients shared “an immediate request from the C-Suite.” Given the existing Care Management resource constraints, they needed to know which group of patients would provide the greatest opportunity for improved outcomes and cost containment with focused Care Management activities.

They needed to carefully evaluate each cohort of chronic condition patients, and determine current and future risk, predicted cost, and predicted hospitalizations over the next 12 months to determine how to best deploy their limited Care Management resources. Quite a tall order, but the type of questions ACOs must be able to answer every day. Simply, can our Care Management team provide the right care over the next 12 months to have a material impact on outcomes and predict costs for a specific population?

Our client initially thought this request was bordering on actuarial science, however after discussing it with his Koan Health Account Executive, he learned this data and the analysis is easily available in Datalyst.  

By discussing this specific request and the types of details needed, the client was introduced to several reports already available in the population health analytics platform. During their conversation, his Account Executive built a dashboard with dynamic charts and metrics that could be drilled into.

This request and collaborative approach to quickly solve a complex question is why our clients feel their Account Executives are extensions of their analytics team. We take the time to understand the client's business, each ACO contract, and their goals and metrics. Koan Health Account Executives are value-based care experts and have a passion for delivering outstanding levels of service to our clients.

This is just one example of how the Koan Health team routinely partners with clients to deliver exceptional levels of service without additional costs or SOWs. We understand that clients must get quick, complete, and accurate answers from their Population Health platform. With margin pressures, resource constraints and the challenge of finding knowledgeable data analysts, having a team of experts available who are willing and able to help is critical to helping each client control costs and improve patient outcomes.

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