Koan Health VP of Client Delivery & Analytics, Jordan Gage

Jordan Gage

VP of Client Delivery & Analytics

As the VP of Client Delivery & Analytics at Koan Health, I am dedicated to our client's success and growth through our products and services. Before Koan Health, I worked at the Advisory Board in Washington, DC supporting their healthcare research and education department. Working closely with healthcare industry experts and some of the largest healthcare providers in the country provided a unique perspective on the industry's many challenges today. I quickly became passionate about dedicating my career to solving some of these challenges to improve healthcare delivery for providers and patients.

With that passion in mind, I joined Koan Health in 2013 because I saw an excellent opportunity to join a deeply invested company in healthcare transformation. I have served many roles with Koan over the years, but I have always loved creating and building relationships with our clients that make us feel like we're a part of their team. As the VP of Client Delivery, our customers remain my primary focus, and I feel honored to be a part of their journey each and every day.