Koan Health VP of Client Delivery & Analytics, Jordan Gage

Jordan Gage

VP of Client Delivery & Analytics

Jordan Gage, the Vice President of Client Delivery and Analytics, is pivotal in all client operations at Koan Health. Her steadfast dedication to the success of Koan Health clients is evident in her inventive approach to products and services. As the leader of Client Delivery, she prioritizes client needs and considers it an honor to contribute to their achievements daily.

Since joining Koan Health in 2013, Jordan has been intrigued by the company's substantial engagement and unwavering dedication to value-based care transformation. Her diverse roles at Koan Health have always transcended mere business. She has consistently prioritized cultivating and fortifying client relationships, fostering a spirit of cooperation and teamwork that extends beyond the confines of the office. 

Jordan's journey in healthcare began at The Advisory Board, where she was instrumental in supporting the healthcare research and education department. Her collaboration with leading healthcare experts and major providers nationwide gave her invaluable insights into the industry's most pressing challenges. This early experience ignited her passion for improving healthcare delivery for providers and patients, driving her work at Koan Health.

Jordan holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Southern Methodist University.