Koan Health CFO, Mike Rehkemper

Mike Rehkemper


Mike Rehkemper is the Chief Financial Officer and oversees the company's finance and human resources operations. With a robust background spanning over 30 years, Mike brings financial management expertise from diverse roles in several organizations, ranging from Fortune 100 companies to dynamic SaaS start-up environments. Mike's expertise makes him a key asset to Koan Health, guiding it towards sustained growth and financial stability in the competitive healthcare software technology sector.

Mike's leadership and deep industry knowledge have been instrumental in driving operational efficiency and financial health in the organizations he has served. As a consultant to several Fortune 500 companies, he has made significant contributions, assisting in developing and implementing key strategic initiatives.

During his tenure as the CFO of XactiMed, Inc. from 2002 to 2007, Mike demonstrated his strategic vision and execution. His leadership was pivotal in the company's successful exit with the acquisition by MedAssets in 2007. This achievement is a testament to his ability to develop robust internal controls and processes that effectively managed the company's impressive 50% compound annual growth rate, thereby enhancing profitability.

Mike's educational background includes a Bachelor of Business Administration in Personnel Management and Organizational Behavior and a Master of Business Administration in Corporate Finance from the University of North Texas.