Headshot of Nick Nguyen

Nick Nguyen

Director of Product Management & Strategy

Nick Nguyen, the Director of Product Management and Strategy at Koan Health, has been instrumental in crafting solutions that empower clients to effectively implement and deliver value-based care, contributing significantly to the company's success.

Before his tenure at Koan Health, Nick demonstrated his leadership capabilities at leading global technology firms. At Lithic, he was crucial in developing and expanding the company's most profitable business line. Similarly, at Block, he led the launch and distribution of the Afterpay Card to SMBs, showcasing his ability to drive business growth and innovation.

Nick's journey in the technology sector began after his tenure as a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). During his time there, he led several high-stakes strategy projects for Fortune 500 companies, honing his strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.

Nick holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University.