Koan Health CTO, Tom Pham

Tom Pham


Tom Pham is the Chief Technology Officer, leading all aspects of technology operations, including product development and delivery. With a profound background spanning more than 30 years in software development management, Tom has been pivotal in shaping the technological frameworks and strategies at Koan Health.

Prior to his role at Koan Health, Tom served as the Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at MedAssets (now FinThrive). In this capacity, he led a national team of engineers and oversaw the development and management of over thirty SaaS revenue cycle management products, a testament to his leadership and management skills.

Tom co-founded XactiMed, Inc., with DT Nguyen in 1998. The company specialized in revenue cycle management technologies, and was acquired by MedAssets, Inc. in 2007.

Tom’s career foundation was laid through various engineering management roles at Nortel, where he made significant and innovative contributions to the field. His work was recognized with several patents and inspired others, demonstrating his creativity and problem-solving skills.

Tom holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Houston.